15 Things I Didn’t know at Fifteen

I’ve been doing some self-reflection after having a conversation with a friend from high school. We dug up our cringest messages and memories and had a good laugh together about how immature and innocent we once were.

It’s crazy to think how fast time flies, and how different my life is now at 24 in comparison to the life I thought I would have when I was 15.

So here are 15 things I wish I could tell my fifteen-year-old self:

You need to stop looking at yourself in the mirror every morning be

Why Do I Always Choose the Wrong Guy & Repeat the Same Mistakes?

YOU may be the reason you keep choosing the wrong guys. Read these 15 reasons and learn from your mistakes.

You’re probably tired of asking yourself: “Why do I always choose the wrong guy?”

We all know that the outside counts, but many women fail to realize that the inside does, too. Physical attributes draw us to each other in the first place, but it won’t take long to realize that his curly locks and killer abs aren’t all he’s made of.

If you’ve instead placed all your focus on his external

‘Sometimes Friends Grow Together and Grow Apart’: Reflecting on Adult Female Friendships — Heroica Women

I was half drunk on the floor when I opened my best friend’s text messages that I should have read two days ago.

Can you help me with something? It’s kinda important

It’s okay; I figured it out

Btw, I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but it feels like I can’t count on you anymore

The other night I really needed your help, but you didn’t even read my message

You never tell me about anything and you’re in a different country

I understand that you have things going on in your life, b

13 Best 5-star Halkidiki Hotels on the Beach - OverseasAttractions.com

Halkidiki is a famous tourist destination in northern Greece with breathtaking seafronts. And if you’re looking for hotels right on the beach, you’re in luck. There are plenty of 5-star beachfront properties perfect for family vacations, romantic honeymoons, and party groups. Besides water views, we’ll show you rooms with private pools, balconies, and luxurious amenities. If you want to splurge, you may even opt for the high-end Presidential suites and villas. Here are the best 5-star Halkidiki

Living alone in London (when you have anxiety)

I’ve been struggling with anxiety for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, my anxiety was labelled as shyness, and I was constantly told that I would ‘grow out of it one day’. Now at 24, I can confirm that I never did. I just learned to accept and live with it.

One thing I’ve discovered is that I get less anxious when I’m doing things by myself because chances are nobody is paying attention to me, and if anything goes wrong, I won’t be judged. And when I moved to London last year, I dec

I Wrote A Love Letter Using Taylor Swift’s Lyrics

This is for a creative project I did in class. Some of the lyrics have been altered slightly to match the story/theme.

It’s been a while since I have even heard from you.2 I’m doing good. I’m on some new shit, been saying ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’.3

I rent a place on Cornelia Street.4 I enjoyed nights in Brixton5, but you know I left a part of me back in New York. There goes the loudest woman this town has ever seen.6

I’ve been having a hard time adjusting.7 But it’s okay, life is a tough crowd.

When My Mother Smelled Like Makeup

My mother is a teacher. When I was little, I used to love watching her get ready for school. She would put on the prettiest áo dài, tie up her hair in a bun, and she would always smell so good, like a flower.

Before I knew it was the scent of her makeup, I’d assumed women would have a different smell when they went to work or to an event. At home, when she was wearing her matching pyjamas sets without any makeup on, she’d smell like mum. I couldn’t describe that smell; I just knew it was nice b

9 Aesthetic Places in London To Study & Work For Freelancers & Students

Aesthetic places in London make up the bulk of the city if I dare say so. As a freelancer working half of the year from London and half of the year in Rome (especially during winter time), I’m always looking for quiet places to study near me. There are lots of study areas in London and free libraries to work. Yet, I want to highlight the fact that even as a freelancer, I keep learning and so, good and quiet public places to study near me are always a must. It’s not always easy to be a freelancer